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What is BullBear?

BullBear is a stock market simulation game with practice arena to learn how to trade without the risk of losing real money. We supply an amount of free tokens and provide other methods to acquire more free tokens to trade and practice with.

How does the game work?

Each player gets a portfolio of chips to trade live assets within a game that they have selected to participate in. Their chip count fluctuates based on how well their trades perform on live markets. Players win when they have more chips than their opponent(s).

Does it cost money to play on BullBear?

No, when a player buys assets on BullBear, they do not actually invest in the markets. They just use dummy chips to see how well their trades would otherwise have performed in real life.

Does the game involve trading real financial assets?

Players use chips to buy assets within the game only. We compile real world asset prices and put it on our simulated platform. Players buy these assets using chips and compete against each other based on chip counts.

Can I win money on BullBear?

No, but you can win vouchers and prizes from the best online retailers and more. Players win bulls by ranking high in games. These bulls can be used to redeem rewards at our Bull Store.

How would BullBear help me learn how to trade?

BullBear is perfect for users who do not know where to begin with trading. Our games are designed in a way that all users play against others of similar rank and experience level. We provide live asset prices, news, charts and stats to assist new traders in improving their understanding and trading ability.

Which assets are available to trade on the platform?

US and Europe Equities, ETF’s, Crypto currencies and Forex.

Which devices can BullBear be played on?

BullBear is configured for all smart phones and tablets. It works on most Android and iOS devices that can connect to the internet.

How to download BullBear?

BullBear is available to download on the app store for iOS and Google play for Android. You can also download the app from our website

How do I sign up for BullBear?

Once you launch the Bullbear application on your phone, you can register by clicking on the sign-up icon on the home screen.

Who can play?

Anyone above the age of 13 can play. Users under the age of 18 would require permission from a parent or guardian.

What information do I need for registration?

You need a valid email address, and will be prompted to verify that before signing in.

Why did I not get a verification code?

Please check the email provided is correct, or it might be in the spam or junk folder.

How do I uninstall BullBear?

You can select to uninstall BullBear from the settings menu of your device.

How do I change my account settings?

You can update your email address, username and profile picture at any time by going to settings in the menu of the app.

How many types of games can I play on BullBear?

There are two main categories of games (duels and tournaments) of which you can play as many games as you like.

Can I play multiple games at the same time?

Yes, as many as you like!

What is a duel?

A duel is a knockout game where each player is paired against a random opponent. The objective of the game is to beat your opponent by gathering a larger total chip count at the end of a game.

What do I get if I win?

The winner gets Bulls.

What are Bulls?

All players that win games get rewarded with Bulls, these points can be used to enter tournaments or redeem rewards at the Bull Store.

How much does a duel cost?

A duel can be joined by using duel tokens provided upon sign up.

How do I get more duel tokens?

Players can replenish their number of tokens in a few ways such as by referring friends or by purchasing a package.

Where do I check my duel tokens and Bull balance?

You can find it on the home page of the app.

What is a tournament?

A tournament is a game where multiple players compete against each other. The objective of the game to rank high and win Bulls by gathering a larger total chip count than others at the end of a game.

What do I get if I win?

All players that win in a tournament get Bulls. Players can use Bulls to redeem rewards at the bull store and to sign up for better tournaments.

How many players to one tournament? How many can win?

There is no limit to the number of players in a tournament. The top 10-50% of players can win Bulls in tournaments. Each tournament has a unique rewards distribution method.

What if a game is a tie?

Players will be given the same rank if tied in a tournament. Both players in a duel would win if the game ends in a tie.

Can I buy Bulls?

No, you can only win Bulls by playing duels and tournaments.

What is the Bull Store?

The Bull Store is a rewards store where BullBear users can redeem their Bulls, or points, for prizes.

How to redeem my Bulls for rewards?

It’s easy! Click on the Bull icon on your home page or access the store through the more section of the app. Select any item on display and click buy. We will deduct Bulls from your account and send you the reward!

What kind of rewards are available on the Bull Store?

The Bull Store has vouchers from online retailers and various jackpot prizes where we give out bestselling electronics, live game tickets and more.

How long does it take to receive the reward?

All online vouchers are sent within 5 days of placing order. Jackpot prizes might take up to 2 weeks based on delivery options.

Will I have to pay anything to get the reward?

No, we will handle all delivery charges and any fees associated with sending the rewards

Can I see pending rewards?

Yes, you can see your order history on the app and website.

What kind of products & services does BullBear sell?

BullBear has collaborated with trading education instructors to bring you simple learning videos, ebooks, and online courses from time to time.

What happens if I want a refund?

BullBear gives out refunds only when a product or service gets cancelled by BullBear.

I did not receive an email with my video, ebook or course credentials?

BullBear will send all products and credentials to the email provided by you while paying for the product through stripe. Please check your spam mailbox for any emails from us or get in touch on